Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Mission Statement: "Duty Determines Destiny"
The Educational Goal

Education= Service + Skill + Sports + Study i.e. 4S.

  • To help young people follow their passion in Service, Skill, Sports and Study.
  • The four disciplines from the key principles for delivering quality education.
  • The focus will be on one as a speciality.

The mission of D.B.N. Trust is to focus on four skills: service, skill, sport and study. D.B.N Schools accentuate and cultivate the development of thinking skills, reflection, innovation and provides adequate opportunities to its students to hone these skills. Further school learning model is based on recognizing and identifying the potential inherent in each child and then leveraging series of teaching tools and initiatives to elicit the best from the students in terms of knowledge, skill, development and leadership. At D.B.N. we believe in discovering the strength of every student, therefore we honour them for performing in diverse fields.

Our Aim

The aim of running the Schools is the pursuit of excellence for all. We believe in the holistic approach towards education. We constantly endeavour to create and sustain an educational environment that offers the learner the full range of opportunities to perceive, crystallize, sharpen and utilize her/his manifest and latent intelligences, which form the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career of an individual, especially in the global community of today. D.B.N aspires to create a welcoming and exciting learning environment where we:

  • Provide education for life skills rather than for survival skills.
  • Develop confidence, creativity and commitment in a child.
  • Inculcate amongst children rich Indian cultural and social values through quality education.
  • Stimulate self-learning through well-formulated project work.
  • Provide an educational environment which nurtures the humane quality of each child.
  • Assist each child to live in harmony with the world around and to cultivate attitudes and abilities that will contribute to further development and welfare of the society she/he lives in.
  • Develop all-round personality of a child by helping her/him acquire knowledge and skills required for a balanced physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual growth as an individual.